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How long does a heat transfer shirt last?

With proper care of your garment, our heat transfers can withstand about 40-50 washes before it shows signs of fading. In some cases, the design will be cracking or creasing, which is usually due to over curing or under curing.

Screen Print Transfers troubleshot?

CRACKING: Cracking is 99% of the time caused by not enough pressure. Make sure your press is set to be hard to open and close. It is recommended that you use 60PSI. All screens will eventually crack, it is just the nature of the ink but proper application will make them last a long time.

–STICKING: If your transfer is sticking to the transfer paper and not releasing you will need to up your temp a few degrees and add extra pressure. Your paper should easily peel off leaving behind the perfect transfer. –PEELING: If your transfer is peeling up from your shirt this means that the transfer wasn’t properly applied to your shirt. You need to up your temp and pressure.

Is sublimation better than Screen Print Transfers?

Sublimation has a print that will last longer than screen print transfers Because the ink is transferred onto the fabric. And your print will not fade or crack. Another advantage of sublimation printing is that moisture management material stays breathable even after the print is completed. With screen printing, the process seals the fabric, which is not preferable when it comes to sportswear, where you will sweat more under the printed material.

But Sublimation transfers are also limited. Sublimation must be pressed onto materials that have a very high polyester count.

Apply in less polyester materials will make the image have a vintage or faded look. Also, Dye Sublimation only works well on light-colored fabrics.

With screen printing, you can print on almost any fabric.  The process works great on 100% cotton, cotton-poly blends, and so much more. It has a full white under-base, making the design fully opaque. This means that you can use these transfers on ANY color garment, and the design will show full color.

Can I use an iron for heat transfer?

Yes, you can use a household iron to apply heat until the image transfers. It’s easier and faster, but there are significant disadvantages to using iron. Prints fade after several washes and do not last long. Ironing prints will ruin the image if you go with the wrong temperature.

Anyway, if you are looking for a t-shirt that you will only wear a few times, such as Wedding Party Shirts, you may consider going through with an iron.

HEAT PRESS REQUIRED You must have even pressure and temperature. A heat press is needed. We will not refund purchases if you use an iron to apply for heat transfers.


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