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Custom Screen Printed Transfers Wholesale

Super Soft and comfortable feel.

Ships in 1-2 business days.

Vintage Formula

Ideal for 1 or 2 color print, such as text or logos. With our High-Speed Auto Print solution, we can complete larger runs efficiently as they are faster than manual screen printing.

Spot Color

Gang Sheet Available

Easy to Use

What's Screen Print Transfers?

Screen Printed Transfers, also known as plastisol heat transfers, combines the advantages of both screen printing and heat transfers. Having the same final print as screen printing, but applying it same as heat transfer, which essentially print the image onto heat transfer release film instead of an actual garment.

In this way, you only need a heat press to transfer the screen print transfers when you receive them. The ink adheres to the garment when the transfer film is heat pressed; after peeling off the base film, you will see the graphic image transfers to the surface perfectly!

How to order?

Since we already have a better option (DTF transfers) for designs that have multiple colors. We only provide 1 or 2 color prints for screen print transfers. If you are not sure which option works better for your design. Don’t hesitate to send us an email before placing your order.

When you want to make an order. Simply select the screen print option in the menu according to the color of the design. Follow the instruction to upload your artwork and place the order. We will deliver it to you once your screen print transfers job is finished.

The price of screen print transfers will be different according to your design and quantity. Sometimes we need to modify your design, so it's better to send us a quote before ordering.

Screen Print Transfers Price

6-9 10-29 30-99 100+
1 Color 9.5"x11.4" $3.05 $2.20 $1.90 $1.70
11.4"x11.4" $3.60 $2.55 $2.25 $1.90
11.4"x14" $4.10 $2.95 $2.65 $2.15
11.4"x18" $5.95 $4.25 $3.45 $2.90
2 Color 9.5"x11.4" $4.35 $2.95 $2.50 $2.25
11.4"x11.4" $5.10 $3.45 $2.95 $2.60
11.4"x14" $5.75 $3.99 $3.40 $2.99
11.4"x18" $8.35 $5.65 $4.80 $4.25

Advantages of Screen print transfers

There are several advantages when considering custom Screen print transfers.

Screen Print Transfers Application

1. Set The Heat Press

TEMPERATURE: 320ºF/ 160℃

Put the T-shirt on the flat pad and heat press for 3-5 seconds, make sure there are no more wrinkles and moisture.

2. Position & Press

Place the transfer on the shirt, image facing up. Push the press handle to start and apply for 12-15 seconds.

3. Cold Peel

Take off the T-shirt and wait until the print is completely cooled off(around 1-2 mins), then peel off the sheet in a smooth, even motion.

4. It's Done!

Once done, you will see your artwork transfer to the surface perfectly.

Each heat press is different. It is recommended that you test your press at different pressure/temperature/time settings to determine the best settings for you.


What's the difference between Screen Printing and Screen Printed Transfers?

In traditional screen printing, inks are then pushed through the screens one color at a time onto the apparel. Each color requires its own screen mesh, sometimes you will need over four screens and multiple screen printing machines to get the desired print.
It needs a lot of equipment before starting your screen printing business, including Screen Printing Press, Flash cure, Silk Screen, screen ink, etc.
Besides, the complex operation process of screen printing cost more labor and can delay your turnaround time if working with complex colors.

Screen print transfers are printed with the screen-printed process above the transfer film. It's made so easy for you to use; you have no cleanup; you only need to take this piece of transfers film and throw it in the recycle bin. The only difference is that we are printing onto a release film rather than directly on apparel. Screen Print Transfers use special, water-based ink, allowing for raw, vibrant colors to be exposed on the desired material. The color that gets printed ends up being concise, clear and edged to perfection.
So when asking if the custom screen printed transfers are as good as screen printing, it is a resounding yes because it is screen-printing!

Screen Print Transfers Troubleshot?

---CRACKING: Cracking is 99% of the time caused by not enough pressure. Make sure your press is set to be hard to open and close. It is recommended that you use 60PSI. All screens will eventually crack, it is just the nature of the ink but proper application will make them last a long time.

---STICKING: If your transfer is sticking to the transfer paper and not releasing you will need to up your temp a few degrees and add extra pressure. Your paper should easily peel off leaving behind the perfect transfer. --PEELING: If your transfer is peeling up from your shirt this means that the transfer wasn't properly applied to your shirt. You need to up your temp and pressure.