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When you want a super-soft, lightweight print with lots of colors in the design, our Smart HD direct to film (dtf) heat transfers are the way to go.

What's DTF Transfer?

Direct-to-film(DTF) Transfer, also known as Digital screen print transfer or Full-Color screen print transfer, is a revolutionary technology that utilizes a special water-based ink to print on PET film. A white layer of ink on the back of each transfer allows the transfers to be put in various colors. You can consider it as screen print transfers but printed in a digital injecter.

Why Choose Our DTF Transfer?

  • Industrial digital print solution, Excellent quality at low cost.
  • Provides full-color(CMYK) gallery-quality print
  • Better option for designs with lots of detail and colors.
  • Meet changing needs with flexibility, allowing you to easily customize different shirts.
  • Apply to almost any fabric type. Cotton, Polyester, cotton/poly blends, and Tri-blends.
  • Suited to pretty much any color. Light or dark shirts, they will all stay nice.
  • Offer a good stretch and durability (last 50+ washes)
  • Allow more than one image on the sheet with Gang Sheets
  • Clean and environmentally friendly

DTF Transfer Price

Size 4-9 10-29 30-99 100-299 300+
5.5"x5.5" $1.35 $1.00 $0.85 $0.75 $0.70
7.5"x7.5" $2.05 $1.65 $1.45 $1.25 $0.95
7.5"x10" $2.45 $1.80 $1.60 $1.35 $1.25
10"x10" $2.95 $2.15 $1.95 $1.80 $1.65
10"x12" $3.45 $2.40 $2.30 $2.05 $1.85
11.2"x11.2" $4.05 $2.80 $2.40 $2.20 $1.95
11.2"x14" $4.75 $3.20 $2.95 $2.65 $2.30
11.2"x18" $5.70 $4.30 $4.05 $3.65 $2.90
16"x18" $9.20 $7.30 $6.90 $6.30 $5.10

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DTF Transfer Application

1. Preheat the T-shirt

TEMPERATURE: 320ºF/ 160℃

Put the T-shirt on the flat pad and heat press for 3-5 seconds, this process will release the wrinkles and moisture from the fabric.

2. Position & Press

Place the transfer on the shirt, image facing up. Push the press handle to start and apply for 12-15 seconds.

3. Cold Peel

Wait until the print cooled off(around 15-30 seconds), then peel off the sheet in a smooth, even motion.

4. It's Done!

To ensure that the print stick firmly, you can heat press again for 2-5 seconds after peeling the film off.
Once done, you will see your artwork transfer to the surface perfectly.

--- It is recommended to press again for 2-5 seconds after peeling the film off. It will help the adhesive stick stronger, especially when you have tiny portions in your design.
--- Each heat press is different. It is recommended that you test your press at different pressure/temperature/time settings to determine the best settings for you.
--- Please increase the temperature to 330-340ºF if there are lots of tiny portions or small letters in your design.

Customer Says

" Really great quality and saturation. We submitted a photograph and it came out super clear and just as anticipated. Thank you! "


" Wow!! First time I’ve used this type of transfer! Totally amazed at the quality! Will return for sure "

Hailey Bell

"ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Very fast shipping and the print was beautiful and turned out vibrant and gorgeous"

Shirley Evans


How to Custom Direct to Film Transfers(DTF)?

Custom DTF Transfers for t-shirts are very simple with SmartPrintTransfers.

  1. Measure your desired imaging area on your shirt or other apparel, and determine what measurements you want your transfers to be. If you don't know which size to choose, check our size guide template.
  2. Next, select the Gang Sheet Size that best fits your measurements and upload your graphic file. The price automatically changes as the quantity you have chosen. And then you can proceed with the order and make the payment. We will verify the order detail and image file and confirm back once everything is ok.
  3. After receiving the transfers, simply cut each image apart either with scissors or a paper cutter. Then you can apply it to the apparel you want.

To get the most for your money using custom dtf transfers, you need to know what a “Gang Sheet” is. A “Gang Sheet” is simply a way to combine multiple images or logos in one sheet. You can put as many as images you can in one gang sheet. We have no limitations.

Direct to Film Transfers Troubleshot?

---CRACKING: Cracking is 99% of the time caused by not enough pressure. Make sure your press is set to be hard to open and close. It is recommended that you use 60PSI. All print will eventually crack, it is just the nature of the ink but the proper application will make them last a long time.

---STICKING: If your transfer is sticking to the transfer paper and not releasing you will need to up your temp a few degrees and add extra pressure. Your paper should easily peel off leaving behind the perfect transfer. --PEELING: If your transfer is peeling up from your shirt this means that the transfer wasn't properly applied to your shirt. You need to up your temp and pressure.

Can I use a regular iron for dtf transfers?

Yes, you can use a household iron to apply heat until the image transfers. It’s easier and faster, but there are significant disadvantages to using iron. Prints fade after several washes and do not last long. Ironing prints will ruin the image if you go with the wrong temperature.
Anyway, if you are looking for a t-shirt that you will only wear few times, such as Wedding Party Shirts, you may consider going through with an iron.

For print the T-shirts you going to sell. A heat press is needed to ensure the heat transfers is apply with enough pressure and temperature.

We will not refund purchases if you use an iron to apply for heat transfers.

Is sublimation better than DTF Transfers?

Sublimation has better performance in softness and breathable as the ink is transferred onto the fabric.
However, sublimation transfer has obvious shortcomings. It only work well on light-colored fabric have a very high polyester count. Otherwise, the image will have a vintage or faded look.

DTG printed shirts have possibly the best feel to them. With DTF transfer, you can print full-color graphics on almost any fabric.  It works great on 100% cotton, cotton-poly blends, and so much more. Suited for light or dark shirts. And better cost-effect for small orders.

The above is the difference between DTF transfer and sublimation transfer. I hope to help you make a choice that suits you.

How long does a DTF Transfer shirt last?

With proper care of your garment, our heat transfers can withstand about 40-50 washes before it shows signs of fading. In some cases, the design will be cracking or creasing, which is usually due to over curing or under curing.